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I Confess: I Maaay Have Been Spyin’ on Y’all

Summer is not technically over yet. Not for another 14 days to be exact. And yet it feels like all of California has been placed in a boiling pot –stewing in its own humid, hot temperatures. The concept of “Fall” may need some readjusting, though I confess: I’m totally planning my haunted ghost tours and […]

Ho Stevie! We’re Interviewing ya, Brah

In 2014, the world had begun to discover the power of GoPro and social media, but the hypnotic duo wasn’t quite ready for what surfers kept doing with that small-but-mighty camera. Tossin’ tonsil wasn’t just reserved for those surf competition after parties—for GoPro, surfer’s also swapped saliva to get that down-the-line barrel clip so their […]

Summer South Swells Have (Finally) Arrived!

SoCal surfer fireworks may have been a little late this year, but better late than never. The latest and greatest run of south swell had me pushing my boundaries a bit with some serious size and heaviness, to boot. No doubt I expected my usual nervous surf twitch to take over while in the water, […]

10 Beach Supplies for a Surfer’s Summer Backpack

Summer’s here and the time is right—to spruce up those beach supplies in your summer pack. Here 10 of my solid standbys I never leave home without: 1. Avasol Surfer’s Barrier Stick—I never leave home without Avasol! This is a year-round must-have, but since the northern hemisphere is getting its full bronze on, any surfer […]

Women’s History Month: A Brief Look In

About 15 years ago, I was a shy editorial intern at a surf publication in south Orange County. As my first editorial experience, I quickly learned many things, but one in particular stood out: it was clearly a man’s world at the magazine and within the surfing world in general. The magazine’s editorial staff was […]

I Expected Too Much from You, 2022

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed, 2022. It’s been a year…for all of two months. 2022 has reared its psychotic head to the tune of minimal swell and maximum stress, which is why there’s been a real gap in blog posts (sorry). Grad school, day job and relationships have amounted atop my back and relentlessly […]

Product Review: WoodRoze Sunglasses

The primetime summer sun may be slipping away from the western hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still protect those peepers from those sunny winter days to come. Random hot and sunny days are a thing in SoCal and your eyes deserve more than last year’s scratched up Oakley’s floating around in that sandy […]

Surfers and Ocean Enthusiasts Grounded as Largest SoCal Oil Spill in Over a Decade Covers Coast

It feels like I’ve been grounded…literally…from surfing. I’m not 15 years old, I didn’t get too sassy nor did I break curfew. But this feels like punishment for something I didn’t do and like my teenager self, I’m protesting the “parents” in this situation—big oil. Since Saturday, October 2, an oil pipeline was punctured and […]