Product Review: Ho! Stevie Surf Racks

backseat surfer girl frowning with boards in back of Jeep

I don’t remember signing a waiver…

Surfing is a fun active sport and yeah, it can be great to go at it alone—fantastic and magical, even! But those sunny days of summer creep up and a surfer in its natural habit wants to pile their best buds into the car to spend the entire day at the beach with some coolers, bocce ball, sick tunes and lest we forget…. boards of all shapes and sizes in tow to catch that sweet summertime surf.

But unless they’re driving a VW bus, that feat is near impossible and creeps into skills only Gen X and Gen Y can truly understand: car Tetris (Gen Z, do you know what this “Tetris” is?). I’ve seen some really creative solutions over the years that mostly involve a board or two hanging out of a car’s side windows as if they are preppin’ for a roadside liftoff.  Or maybe it’s a Jenga puzzle held together precariously by an old bungee cord your stoned buddy found in his trunk between his spare tire and his dog Yoda’s Scooby snacks.

Other car stuffers border on potential backseat decapitation while trying to pack in that one way-too-nice compadre who forgot to sign your waiver before they sat down. And then there are other tie-down jobs that look as careless as the hippies driving the car, but somehow border on pure magic—it’s that Palo Santo surf wax laced with sage, I knew it (see: Santa Cruz surf trip with Lauren).

But why is all that fuss and stress necessary?

It’s fun to be creative, but friends don’t let friends ride to the beach alone.

ho stevie surf rack pads surfer girl smiling

That’s more like it.

And besides, do you really want to end up on Kookoftheday’s IG?

I didn’t think so.

Ho! Stevie has several solutions to this problem that won’t break the bank.

Enter: Surf Racks


Check out:

Surfboard Car Roof Racks: $48.97

Surfboard Aero Rack Pads: $24.97

Surfboard Tie Down Straps: $24.97


What I Love:

Ho stevie car racksRoof Racks:

Carry up to three surfboards on top of your car, which, if you do the math (for me please because that’s why I write), means… *Jeopardy music*… you get to include TWO more friends in your car instead of your boards! Bonus points for you because that also equals less CO2 emissions since you are carpooling.

Also, the buckles come with teeth, so they have a stronger grip on that strap making it sturdier (and less stress sweat) for you and fellow freeway drivers. I definitely like the added touch of the silicone-lined buckles so your car doesn’t get scratched and your board doesn’t have dings before you get in the water.

Speaking of cars, there are pads located at the bottom of the racks set so you don’t have to worry about the actual rack scratching the top of your car, but just as an added precaution, I put a towel down anyway. :-o

Rack Pads:ho stevie surf rack car pads

Ever notice how rack pads like to slide around your car racks? It gets frustrating and sketchy, so the highlight of these for me was the anti-slip coating on the pad’s interior to help the pads (and ultimately your boards) stay put. Do they make this anti-slippage stuff for bikinis? Just sayin’… These pads are great if you have flat/plank-style crossbars.

There are two sizes for the rack pads—17” and 28” –the longer, the better because you can carry more boards, and referring to our fun math equation earlier, more boards on top of your car equals more friends IN your car.

Yay math!

ho stevie tie down car racksTie Down Straps:

Fifteen inches of fantastical straps equate to freedom for your car’s interior! Look what I did! More math!! :D Your friend’s domes are safe, car seats are surf wax-free and freeway drivers can rest assured they won’t have to reenact Super Mario Bros “Mario Kart” because your board stays put. These ALSO come with a silicone-coated buckle, so your boards and car are safe and sound.


Life is more fun when you enjoy surfing with friends. I mean, please don’t bring the entire clan plus the kitchen sink, but who else is going to vouch for your 2-minute undisturbed rides at Trestles? Or your sick barrel that DIDN’T give your staph at River? Amiright??

Product Review: Ho Stevie! Surf Gear Pack

Even though we love our surf brands, sometimes we love to hate their prices and lack of supply (read: supply v. demand economy) or the nightmarish purchasing experience (dear pop-up banners, No I do not want to sell you my soul for an extra 10% off my purchase!!). As, more often than not, BROKE surfers, we seek a fair price for good quality items without needing to trade your cousin a few surf lessons for his friend’s hookup at Volcom. And if you have Amazon Prime, you can stow that soft top and 6:00 a.m. wakeup call because Ho Stevie! has got ya covered.

ho stevie traction pad blue

Ho Stevie! Traction Pad really stuck with me.

Based in San Diego, California, Ho Stevie! is the biggest surf brand on Amazon, out-ranking many of our old surf standbys with solid surf gear that includes pretty much everything from soft top boards to wetties, fins and more ready to be at your doorstep in less than a day if you sport Prime. If not, it’s still worth the extra wait because Ho Stevie! cuts out the middlemen retailers and expensive sponsors so they can offer the same quality products as the bigger brands that are much easier on your pocketbook, money clip, change jar, couch cushions, car cup holders…you get the idea.

Think: one small step for your savings, one giant leap to (eventually) surf the Maldives, right?

In my case, not only am I in desperate need of a surf trip, but I was also in desperate need of a new traction pad…a pair of FCS fins didn’t hurt either and hey, who doesn’t need an extra leash?! As it turns out, I already had a Ho Stevie! changing mat that I love. 😊 Oh! That soft top looks pretty funnnn…

Ho Stevie fin set up did not disappoint!

The traction pad is EVA foam that uses 3M adhesive backing to reeeally stick to your board. Trust me, I was skeptical because I never had to change out a traction pad before, but when you have a *magic * board that’s kinda hard to put down, my old traction pad begs to differ. All it took was about 20 minutes, a little Sticky Bumps wax remover to take off the old one and some elbow grease to apply my fancy new Ho Stevie traction pad—and boom! It’s like a new board with the same magic.

But where would a real magic board be without a brand-spankin’ new fin setup? Disclaimer: I am no fin expert, but I’m just going to put it out there—in my nearly 20 years of surfing, I do know when I have a set of solid fins—they make a difference! And Ho Stevie! definitely did not disappoint.

Ho Stevie! has all kinds of different setups for your fin/board needs. I went with the Fiberglass Honeycomb Surf Fins since I semi-know what to look for in fins. Built for high-performance waves, these fins have a honeycomb structure, are lightweight and pretty responsive and fast, especially when dropping into hollow Newport waves. For a third of the price, they function pretty damn well. Give them a shot.

Ho stevie leash white

Ho Stevie! Leash outlasted Newps.

You know, until I used my Ho Stevie! Surf leash, I don’t think I appreciated the small details of the actual leash itself. What I like about this particular leash is not only it’s durability, but also how easy it is to simply pull it off with the convenient pull tab. After getting to the shore, the last thing I want to battle is my leash’s death grip around my ankle.

FYI–I have surfed Newport River Jetties many times with this gear and nothing has budged or withered. Not only is this gear wallet-friendly, but it’s also solid in more powerful waves all around.


Check out:

Traction pad: $19.97

Fiberglass Honeycomb Surf Fins: $39.97

Surf Leash: $19.97


What I love:

Traction pad: It really stays on…I mean reeeealllly stays on and–it comes in a few different colors and designs and can really add some extra “flare” to your board—office space and red staplers not included.

Fins: Who doesn’t like getting the same quality fins for less than half the price?! Now I don’t have to hyperventilate when River Jetties claims one of my fins again.

Leash: Its comfortable and easy to remove, no tangling around my toes and feet


I like supporting folks who haven’t been steeping in bro culture mire for decades. And not to mention founder and CEO Stevie himself is from Wisconsin and had dreams of becoming a surfer (hmm sounds so familiar!). And he made it happen. I dig the tenacity.

Check out Ho Stevie!


P.S. Another great thing about Ho Stevie!– They create a lot of video content that shows you how to use their gear, or why their gear is top quality.
For example: Get a load of why their soft tops rock.

WoodRoze sunglasses sit on a sandcloud beach towel in Newport Beach, California

Product Review: WoodRoze Sunglasses

The primetime summer sun may be slipping away from the western hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still protect those peepers from those sunny winter days to come. Random hot and sunny days are a thing in SoCal and your eyes deserve more than last year’s scratched up Oakley’s floating around in that sandy surf pack. Time for an upgrade that’s both stylish and functional!

Enter: WoodRoze

Based in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, this small but mighty company features high quality sunglasses that are created both with comfort and style in mind…and let’s not forget they practice “safe specs.” :)

WoodRoze Angelinas sunglasses sit on a beach towel in Newport Beach, California

Gettin’ sassy, there, WoodRoze.

Their Safe Specsä technology makes high quality the center focus as each pair of sunglasses offers 100 % UVA/UVB protection, is shatter-proof (believe me, I’ve already unintentionally tested that!) and anti-scratch and anti-microbial and much more. Check out more about the technology here.

And if you’re quite picky, like myself, about the style of shades you wear—know that WoodRoze’s sunglasses might drum up Curtis Mayfield’s “Superfly” while you cruise your way down to the sand like you’re walking the catwalk at a Dior fashion show. Should you add an afro and some bellbottoms to that look, I will give you any wave you want.

I personally gravitated towards the Angelinas, which feature a rose gold, ebony wood frame and a WHOLE lotta sass, to boot! My alter ego, Georgia Jackie, would agree that these shades spice up not just your beach look, but also your “any and everywhere you go” look. So, slap on a pair , strut your stuff and eat a peach for me!

With the Angelinas, you can choose between black, gold and blue frames and their other product lines, like After Hours, Breakers, Flaglers and Kooks offer a little more lens color choices and the same high quality materials and technology, as well.

Jackie Connor wears WoodRoze sunglasses on a sandcloud beach towel in Newport Beach, California

Yours truly gettin’ sassy and flashy in Newport Beach.

And, as I mentioned, I did accidentally drop them and had a slight panic attack about potential scratches, but alas! There were none, much to my surprise and relief. In fact, when I dropped them, they almost had a spring to their fall, so that Safe Specs tech really works!

Also important for those butterfingers out there like myself, each product comes with both a soft and hard case, which is OH-SO relieving when you’re a surfer with a sandy backpack and a budget who is dropping some serious mullah on some serious specs like these.

With my imaginary afro and bell bottoms, I gotta say (with some major sass)—I dig ‘em.


Check out:


After Hours





What I love:

The quality is top notch and the look is SUPER fly…I mean, fashionable.   And—with butterfingers like mine, I know these specs won’t scratch or break, especially with the hard case, while tossing around in my surf backpack.


Who doesn’t want to look superfly AND know their product isn’t going to get ruined because –butterfingers. :D

Supporting small businesses is my thing! And these peeps deserve a look and your shades may need their upgrade.

I wish:

I knew a little more about what made them create such a bad ass product with great technology.



Remember, peeps—with these glasses, even with butterfingers, surf adventures and sandy surf backpacks, you can always ‘practice safe specs.’

Check out WoodRoze.

woman with long blonde hair wearing a pink shirt and white shorts smiles while standing in front of a pink wall with a shark mouth painted on the wall

Product Review: Alanna Dawn Swimwear

Hold your beach-exiting horses! Summer ain’t over ‘til the weather says it’s over and for Southern California that means…almost never. :D

So you better be prepared for those random 80 degree February days that are on the horizon. Until then, soak up this monsoon-y weather, these manic water temps and double check your cute ‘kini selections.

Most likely you will need: Alanna Dawn Swimwear

three bikinis sit in the sand in front of a white surfboard with a black dragon painted on it

Decisions, decisions…

Thanks to the social media gods and Kayla Pearson from Surf Soap, I found this terrific woman-run, woman-founded swimwear company based in Oceanside, California. The colorful and unique patterns drew me in like a moth to a flame, except I didn’t get burned at all. In fact, I may have been guilty of burning some folks at Uppers :O because this bikini stays on, gives me confidence and looks incredibly cute. The only distractions in the lineup are the UH-MAZING prints and cuts that make your body look insane and your cutbacks on point.

happy surfer girl standing with hands in the air on the beach in front of the ocean with her surfboard sitting in the sand

At Trestles, confidence is key and this kini definitely helps.

Created and founded by Alanna Dawn, a local California surfer girl, out of a need to have a cute, colorful bikini that stays on during those shred or glide sessions, Alanna knows every stitch of every suit because every bikini is hand made by Alanna. She knows the ins and outs of bikinis and measurements I never thought of, for example if you have a bikini bottom that often shows some crack when you sit down, that bikini bottom is probably too small and you might need something more customized *wink wink*.

She was kind enough to welcome me into her shop and home and we talked kinis for hours. I tried on a bunch and drooled over her patterns. I never knew how hard it would be for me to choose just a few patterns for one bikini. There are so many that are unavoidable!

different color fabrics for bikinis line the shelves in a bikini shop

You got a little something hanging from your bottom lip there…wipe up that drool and pick out your favorite pattern!

Before you get too excited, the coup de grace, folks: you can pick out different prints for each side of the bikini’s top and bottom, essentially you can mix and match your one bikini making it four different types of kinis.

Make sure to wipe up that brain matter that just exploded on the floor, please. :)

I tested each of the bikinis in pumping Trestles and, sure enough, they stayed on me really well. I recommend looking into a Brazilian-style bottom and a cross-back top as those styles will stay put guaranteed. For those that are shy about Brazilian bottoms, as Alanna says: #FreetheCheeks

Trust me—like my long-lost relative Sarah Connor from the Terminator, I will be back.

purple and green bikini sites on the sand at the beach

Love at first surf–My custom Alanna Dawn Swimwear bikini

Check out:

blue and leopard print bikini sits on the sand on the beach

One of my absolute favorite prints! Exemplifies “Sweet.Salty.Savage.”

What I love: The level of customization is amazing and the bikini stays put. The ability to build your own unique swimwear that no one else is likely to have is something pretty special, in fact, confidence-boosting. And at breaks like Trestles, confidence is key.

black and teal halter top bikini sits on the sand on the beach

A little AC for the naughty bits…yes please!

Why: I like supporting women-run and women-led businesses. I think Alanna knows what surfer girls really want to feel like in a bikini and that’s unique and confident.

I wish: I could replace most of my bikinis with Alanna’s…#BikiniGoals

Price: $49 per piece

Stay ‘sweet, salty and savage,’ my friends and check out Alanna Dawn Swimwear.

Watch my brief interview with Alanna!


Product Review: Surf Soap

Ah surf, sand, salt and summer sun! Sounds like sunny lyrics to a saccharine summertime song, right? Or maybe a not-so-sweet au natural exfoliate and dehydrator. There’s a reason why people often label their attitudes (especially post-break-ups) as “salty.”

Want to avoid turning into a human prune with a salty ‘tude to boot this summer? Read on.

I’m going to need rehab to quit my addiction to this stuff.

Salty suds do have a way of being baked into our hair follicles and skin and though we hear those sayings about salt and sand being the way to personal freedom, I’ve got to admit as a surfer girl of going on 19 years, the salty grime left over from a surf does tend to have an itchy, dry and unpleasant aftereffect that leaves me feeling like a California Raisin on her way to looking like my dad’s leather couch.

No thanks!


Remedy: Surf Soap


Built out of a love and respect for the ocean and a desire to help surfers smell good, feel good and arrive at their 9-5 not looking like a dried prune after a dawn patrol sesh, Surf Soap was born. Kayla Pearson founded Surf Soap with the mission to give the world hair and skin products that do not contain crazy chemicals and silicones, are biodegradable, ocean and reef-safe and plastic-free. Right down to the biodegradable packaging labels, Kayla gets it. Read my Q&A with Kayla.

surf soap better butter black tin

Does it get any better? Better Butter FTW

My hair is as long as it’s ever been and booooy does it love to get tangled, especially when I’m surfing decent waves. After using the Rehab Balm both before and after I surf, my long locks actually DON’T look like a rat’s nest. In fact, thanks to the Rehab Balm, I can actually use the Surf Comb in my hair without it getting stuck mid-brush and my hairs do smell super pretty. Remember: A little goes a long way with this product! But I’d cover myself in it all the same.


Also, anyone else get that crusty dry-lip feeling after surfing for hours on end? Better Butter takes care of that. I got the Pineapple scent (b/c Kayla totally pays attention! <3), but it comes in Coconut & Mango, too. You can also order all three—see ‘Triple Crown.’ Does that include the World Surf League circus that comes with it? ;)

I also put Better Butter on my bikini line, fingers and tops of my hands after a surf. I might experiment with my eyebrows and lashes? Before you know it, I’ll be the Chiquita gal!

surf soap all in one purple disc of shampoo in a black tin

The ginger and tropic scented suds will make an Herbal Essences impersonator out of you.

Rehab Balm and Better Butter are now permanent products in my Trestles/Surf backpack.


During my post-surf showers, the All-In-One is a God-send. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed my shampoo/body wash this much. I have to use an additional conditioner just because my hair seems to be a conditioner black hole.

But, I joke you not—the first two times I used this product in my shower, I literally indulged like, we’re talking Herbal Essences commercial circa 1998 status, just minus the crappy ingredients and plastic containers—and yea, maybe the 90’s hairstyles and décor, too. Add in the All in One and I’m making my neighbors gossip for sure. I’ve never taken longer showers—my water bill be damned!





Check Out:

What I love: Everrrythinggggg. The smell, the feel, the way it actually hydrates my hairs and skin! Each product smells like a Hawaiian tropical drink. Each of these products really works. And trust me—I am a hair and skin product critic. And the best part—I rest easy knowing that what I’m putting on my bod and in my hair isn’t going to mess up our oceans.

Why: Their products are all reef and ocean-safe. They use eco-friendly materials for their products, shipping—plastic-free, vegan, ocean-safe.

I wish: I could buy in bulk

Price: $27-56 per product or set

Disclaimer: And yes, in case you don’t pay attention to my socials, Kayla is a friend of mine–but! I agreed to give her products a fair-and-square review and here it is.

No exceptions but, I’m not surprised– much like Kayla, her products rock my flip flops!

Check out Surf Soap.


Product Review: Eidon Surf Bikinis

woman in bikini with floral print smiles on the beach in the sunSummer-like conditions are suddenly taking over SoCal—February is famous for that. But don’t worry! It will go right back to being chilly and, despite the warm sun, the water temp is still hanging out in the 56-58 degree range. In between spouts of manic weather, let’s talk ‘kini season, shall we?

California’s quarantine madness can’t seem to keep most surfers down since crowds have reached ultra-epic (not just epic) proportions on both the trails and in the water … and sporting a cute, comfy bikini to the waves is no exception.

Enter: Eidon Surf

Eidon Surf’s philosophy of “live, travel, surf” being more than a phrase, has become scripture for all those who want to wander and need to be outside—and to this surfer girl—a huge part of my post-quarantine goals!

woman laying in the sun with Eidon bikini and sunglasses

February in SoCal–random 75 degree days are perfect for soaking up some vitamin D.

This ‘kini company is based in an even chillier part of North America—Canada to be exact, and is part of a larger wholesale brand, SGS Sports, which includes Eidon, Body Glove and Skye—each their own sportswear brands that have a single purpose: getting you outside.


Though we are a bit confined at the moment (read: ‘quarantine kills surfer travel’), for now, I will stare at the beautiful locales on my vision board and skip around SoCal’s local beaches in Eidon’s colorful, cute and SUPER comfy bikinis.


: Eidon Surf

Check Out:

What I love: These bikinis are very comfy and I love their semi-modest style. The crop tops are also great for hiking in warmer locales and the bottoms hold tight against my, well, bottom! The fabric, which is a combo of mostly nylon and some spandex, is super soft and though I haven’t tried it in the rougher stuff yet, I’m looking forward to seeing how long it lasts and how well it stays put. Stay tuned to my Instagram page (@ConfessionsOfASurferGirl) for updates on that.

Why: I dig the more modest style pieces lately. Call it age, call it doing everything I can to avoid being eye candy for Trestles creepers, I think there’s  potential in the crop top for surfer gals who still want to look cute and feel good in the water while maintaining a level of modesty.

I wish: The fabrics were recycled or eco-friendly.

Price: $60-70 for a bikini set

On Thursday, 2/11, enter to win a free Eidon bikini on my Instagram, @ConfessionsOfASurferGirl ! Tag a friend in the comments section of my post to enter.

Product Review: Akela Surf Bikini

Recent surf sesh at the River in Newport. Pandemic or no, I’ve always stayed 10 feet away from everyone, regardless. Just say ‘no’ to crowds, folks.

With some beaches slowly opening, the crowd is anything but slow to get to the sand and salt water. A good thing or a bad thing? If I’m coughing 5-to-10 days from now, ask me how I’m feeling.

Despite shameless “quarantine 15” snack guilt, I recently trekked to the beach to partake in some of the recent south swell/northwest swell in my new Akela Surf bikini. In a few words–this kini combines style and comfort (and some kick-ass vintage colors!) for a ripping good time in the ocean.

Reversible in Akela Surf’s ‘Escape’ collection!

Who: Akela Surf is a bikini and wetsuit company based in Canada owned and operated by a husband-wife duo. Their mission is focused on active women who are passionate about water sports. The Akela brand features five different bikini lines, an apparel line and wetsuits. Akela uses eco-friendly fabric, like EcoNyl and Repreve, to create their colorful ‘kinis.

They base their designs around sophistication, style and personal touch by incorporating soft anti-snag, quick-dry fabric, unique patterns and functionality for women in the surf. All their design is done in-house and an artist collaborates with the company on some bikini prints.

Akela wants women to feel good and have confidence in and out of the water. They also offer an ambassador program, and you don’t need to be a pro to be part of it.

Suh Stoked.

Check out:

The Escape Collection:

What I love: The style, the colors and the soft anti-snag material are the best!

Why: I want to surf, feel comfortable and look good doing it! Also, …been hankering for some vintage stylings–have you seen my Insta stories lately?? :)

I wish: there were more bikini designs and prints. The company works with a talented designer and I think there’s more to add to their collections. I really dig the ‘kini and it’s soft texture and vintage-like color pallet…more please!


$50-100 per piece

Learn more about Akela Surf.

Read Akela’s Q&A with me!


Product Review: Waterborne Skateboards Surf Adapter + Carbon Complete Fleet

Fraught with the latest flat spell blues? Skip your last rock over Lake Pacific and grab a skate from Waterborne Skateboards. This UC Irvine startup company is known for its signature truck, the Surf Adapter, straight from the brains of UCI undergrad Patrick Dumas.  The Surf Adapter can turn any skateboard deck into a surfskate dream machine. Combine awesome adapter with carbon fiber deck, and your skate experience is now ruined for any other board. Good luck trying to find another option cause there ain’t one!

Shameless plug time! After their recent collab. with Penny Skateboards, word on the street is Dumas and team may be cooking up some more board fun goodies–see my article’s last quote.


Surf Adapter

Aries Carbon Complete

Scorpio Carbon Complete

Gemini Carbon Complete

…astrological readings not included.

The Scorpio carbon fiber board–get some.

The deets:

Equipped with the Surf Adapter, each carbon fiber deck ranges between 31-39” in length. The Surf Adapter works great on a standard skateboard deck AND is absolute MAGIC on a carbon fiber deck providing lots of flexibility and incredible durability. Not only is each board a smooth ride, lightweight and fast, but they also allow you to maintain control over your carves. Think hot knife through butter.
Combine any three boards with ramps, pools, sidewalks as flat as the Pacific (I’m not bitter) and some fun tunes…and …what is this ‘ ocean surfing’ thing, again…?

What I love:


How I’ll use it:

When Lake Pacific takes hold or parking garage skating urges occur

I wish:

I got the bro deal—the price is painful for a carbon complete


$59.99—Surf Adapter

$379-499—for a carbon fiber complete


Watch Patrick and the Waterborne team shred Newport:

Product Review: COR Surf’s Excursion Waterproof Travel Pack

If it’s not obvious already, I LOVE to surf Trestles…along with thousands of other folks from in and out of town. It’s not just about the wave, tho. I enjoy all aspects of the experience–walking there and back again, checking out the ever-evolving street art/graffiti and saying ‘hi’ to my fellow ‘Trestlers.’ While surfing Trestles for many years, I have learned that high quality equipment is essential for a top notch surf experience–and have specifically noted the evolution of my backpack.

It started with a simple drawstring sack used to carry records, which evolved into Dakine’s backpacks. At first I adored my Dakine pack, it went with me everywhere and endured all things ‘beach.’ It wasn’t until boating out to a particular break in Nicaragua that I noticed my Dakine was not 100 percent waterproof–I almost lost function of my DSLR camera because water invaded my pack. Add on my post-Trestles soggy bottom trek back to my car and you’ve got a surfer girl determined to find the perfect pack.

Enter COR Surf’s Excursion Waterproof pack.

The deets:

Designed for a two-seven day trip, this pack has removable interior laptop sleeve and pocket, a secret passport pocket, waist and chest straps, a top cinch strap for your towel. It is made of 100 percent TPU waterproof material–nothing is getting soaked unless you spill your drinks inside the pack–but of course, there’s a feature for that. Two drink holders made out of mesh material can be found on either side of the pack, although I like to keep mine on one side so it doesn’t bump into my board. Did I mention this particular pack carries 40 liters worth of stuff??


If a magician were a surfer, this would be his dream pack.

What I love:

The depth…not like “letstalkaboutthemeaningoflife” depth…I mean, I can literally fit my entire head and shoulders inside (I’m also 5’3”), but the point is the pack is deep deep deep. I fit my wetsuit, towel, small stuff, change of clothes, and water with plenty of room to spare.

How I’ll use it:

Trestles and travel–seriously, this pack makes me want to travel (*cough* wheremysurfergirlsat *coughcough*)

I wish:

There was a separate area for my soggy wetsuit


On sale for $79.99

The Top Three Eco-Friendly Wetsuits

Winter is coming…

No really, winter IS coming and so are the chilly waters of the North Pacific.

It’s that time of year when the wind kicks up to offshore mornings and onshore afternoons and west/northwest swells cool down the water, much to the tourists dismay. A time where kelp forests become bushier and the fish escape to warmer waters–it’s wetsuit season!


All things in this picture are necessary in Humboldt, Calif.

Among the plethora of brands, almost all of them come with a signature flex, feel and performance level. But what some might consider, as of late, is the touted term “eco-friendly.”

I originally wanted to find seven companies, but had to whittle it down to five that I thought used eco-friendly materials. BUT- based on my searching and many inquiries, I could only find three wetsuit companies who’s materials are eco-friendly.

Ironically, many of the products we use as surfers are, in fact, NOT good for the environment and yet, we have been cached into a ‘hippy-esque’ category. Everything from our sunscreen, to our surfboards and even our wetsuits somewhere down the processing line has a negative effect on our environment…until the last five years.

Eco-friendly is the new black and many marketing and branding campaigns have fallen into step with this attractive trend. There’s a lot to be said about this most hashtagged term when it comes to our marine environment and personal health.

But what does that mean when it comes to wetsuits?

To sum it up, wetsuit materials are most commonly comprised of closed cell neoprene, which basically translates to foam rubber. Their materials and processing tends to have an impact on the environment, and, thankfully, more surf and dive companies have been incorporating more environmentally-friendly processing and products into their suits.

Below are my top three wetsuits, which I based on overall production/processing and materials, wallet-friendly price and surfable functionality.



Patagonia's Yulex wetsuit

Patagonia’s Yulex wetsuit

Based In: Ventura, California

Mission: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Price Range: $129-$500

About: What started as a small company that made climbing tools is now one of the household names for environmentally-minded products for a wide range of outdoor activities like climbing, surfing, snowboarding, fly fishing and trail running. Patagonia’s goal, as a whole, is to reduce if not eliminate, pollution as a by-product of their business. They have successfully created a wetsuit by replacing non-renewable neoprene with a plant-based polymer, Yulex, a natural rubber from heva trees, which reduces CO2 emissions by 80 percent.



Photo Courtesy: Picture Organic Clothing

Photo Courtesy: Picture Organic Clothing

Based In:  France

Mission: Organic, recycled and bio-sourced products since 2009. The best possible environmentally-friendly and unique product designs that stand out for fresh colors and valued for good quality.

Price Range: $48.93-$352.88
*I did the math & converted euros to dollars–does not include shipping*

About: Their entire brand is dedicated to second-life and end-of-life products, which ranges from clothing, snowboard and skateboard gear and now, wetsuits and surf gear. It all started with their first recycled polyester boardshorts collection, which was derived from their snowboard outerwear and grew into European & international distribution, which includes the United States. Worried about carbon footprints? There’s an app for that, of course. Picture also has a carbon footprint calculator that allows you to trace your own impact when you buy their products.

There are currently no shops in the U.S. that offer this wetsuit brand right now. So, if you are interested in purchasing a suit, you might have to google around. In 2018 Picture’s clothing will be available in Confluence Kayak in Denver and Moose Joe and Paragon Sports in New York.

Everything is priced in Euros and don’t panic when you see a comma for pricing…it typically means a decimal. :)

Here’s a site that sells Picture Organic Clothing.




Photo Courtesy: Vissla

Based In: Aliso Viejo, California

Mission: Advanced environmentally conscious materials designed and constructed for colder water.

Price Range: $99.95-$595.95

Just so you know: Vissla only offers wetsuits for men, for now. For ladies, their sister company, Amuse Society, features women’s suits and beach clothing, but the suits are not considered ‘environmentally-friendly,’ yet.

About: Vissla is a forward-thinking company who bases their designs and concepts around creative freedom–“a surf-everything, ride-anything mentality.” In terms of wetsuit-ery, they offer four different lines: 7 Seas, North Seas, Eco Seas and Premium Japanese. The Eco Seas wetsuit rubber is harvested from the rubber tree as opposed to neoprene and instead of solvent-based glues, Vissla uses a water-based glue that is completely solvent-free. Recycled plastic bottles serve as their interior and exterior jerseys–each wetsuits uses 45 recycled bottles.