WoodRoze sunglasses sit on a sandcloud beach towel in Newport Beach, California

Product Review: WoodRoze Sunglasses

The primetime summer sun may be slipping away from the western hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still protect those peepers from those sunny winter days to come. Random hot and sunny days are a thing in SoCal and your eyes deserve more than last year’s scratched up Oakley’s floating around in that sandy surf pack. Time for an upgrade that’s both stylish and functional!

Enter: WoodRoze

Based in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, this small but mighty company features high quality sunglasses that are created both with comfort and style in mind…and let’s not forget they practice “safe specs.” :)

WoodRoze Angelinas sunglasses sit on a beach towel in Newport Beach, California

Gettin’ sassy, there, WoodRoze.

Their Safe Specsä technology makes high quality the center focus as each pair of sunglasses offers 100 % UVA/UVB protection, is shatter-proof (believe me, I’ve already unintentionally tested that!) and anti-scratch and anti-microbial and much more. Check out more about the technology here.

And if you’re quite picky, like myself, about the style of shades you wear—know that WoodRoze’s sunglasses might drum up Curtis Mayfield’s “Superfly” while you cruise your way down to the sand like you’re walking the catwalk at a Dior fashion show. Should you add an afro and some bellbottoms to that look, I will give you any wave you want.

I personally gravitated towards the Angelinas, which feature a rose gold, ebony wood frame and a WHOLE lotta sass, to boot! My alter ego, Georgia Jackie, would agree that these shades spice up not just your beach look, but also your “any and everywhere you go” look. So, slap on a pair , strut your stuff and eat a peach for me!

With the Angelinas, you can choose between black, gold and blue frames and their other product lines, like After Hours, Breakers, Flaglers and Kooks offer a little more lens color choices and the same high quality materials and technology, as well.

Jackie Connor wears WoodRoze sunglasses on a sandcloud beach towel in Newport Beach, California

Yours truly gettin’ sassy and flashy in Newport Beach.

And, as I mentioned, I did accidentally drop them and had a slight panic attack about potential scratches, but alas! There were none, much to my surprise and relief. In fact, when I dropped them, they almost had a spring to their fall, so that Safe Specs tech really works!

Also important for those butterfingers out there like myself, each product comes with both a soft and hard case, which is OH-SO relieving when you’re a surfer with a sandy backpack and a budget who is dropping some serious mullah on some serious specs like these.

With my imaginary afro and bell bottoms, I gotta say (with some major sass)—I dig ‘em.


Check out:


After Hours





What I love:

The quality is top notch and the look is SUPER fly…I mean, fashionable.   And—with butterfingers like mine, I know these specs won’t scratch or break, especially with the hard case, while tossing around in my surf backpack.


Who doesn’t want to look superfly AND know their product isn’t going to get ruined because –butterfingers. :D

Supporting small businesses is my thing! And these peeps deserve a look and your shades may need their upgrade.

I wish:

I knew a little more about what made them create such a bad ass product with great technology.



Remember, peeps—with these glasses, even with butterfingers, surf adventures and sandy surf backpacks, you can always ‘practice safe specs.’

Check out WoodRoze.