I don’t know whether it was the video’s melodramatic slo-mo or the massive crowd that seemed to populate all corners of Maui’s infamous big wave spot Jaws (a.k.a.: Peahi), but the amount of carnage in this video for one wave seems record-breaking. Out of all wipeouts witnessed over the net, this rouge wave from the past January deserves some props for it’s massive appetite. Spoiler alert: No one makes it out.

No one.

Source: World Surf League Big Wave Awards


// Post-Surf Mood //


You know that feeling.

It happens right after you pry yourself away from a notoriously crowded lineup where the surf was not only perfect, but you also managed to gorge yourself on said perfect waves…like the surf glutton that you secretly are.

Don’t worry: I won’t tell.


There’s only one thing left to do: A happy dance…to this song.

Soak it up while you can.

Summer’s a-comin’…

Photo: Seabreeze.com.au

Photo: Seabreeze.com.au