black oil tar sits on the sand in Newport Beach, CA

How to Remove Tar Off Your Body (and Eff Big Oil!)

If in case you can’t already tell–I’m pretty heated about what’s oozing down the coast from Huntington Beach. Unless you’ve been living under a rock that’s hopefully not a glob of tar, there’s been a giant oil spill, one of the largest in Southern California in decades, that has recently hit the shores of not only HB, but is now making it’s gross, oily and destructive way down the coast. Many thanks goes out to those cleanup crews working hard to remove this shit from our environment and help the animals and plants who are suffering.

To volunteer to help in the cleanup,  text ‘oilspill’ to 51555

More details to come from this infuriated surfer girl.

If in case you got some tar stuck to your extremities or hair, here’s a helpful tip on how to remove it without removing your skin: