Update: My MIA Theory

For a while now, I have been pretty MIA on my blog. It hasn’t been easy, since I have at least five blogs in progress (Anyone want to be my model for art??) and have yet to hit the publish button, while more ideas continue to chew at my noggin. However, essentially, I had to hit “pause” because life tends to happen at any given moment and, as I discovered, sometimes you can’t do it all. There are times where you should sit back, take a breath and just watch the waves.

Essentially, that is what I had to do after my sweet fur baby companion sadly developed an aggressive cancer and I had to say a very painful goodbye to him over a month ago. Three weeks after I lost my sweet cat, I also lost my job during a company-wide layoff.

Case-in-point: Always be prepared for those random rogue sets because they happen.

Emotional rollercoasters are taxing on the soul and not a fun ride, but they are essential for inner growth. Like waves have peaks and troughs, life has ups and downs. Through pain and loss, we can discover more about our strengths and opportunities for growth.

It seems there is no rhyme or reason for life’s ebbs and flows, but it is important to take charge and stay the course–to never give up on goals. Whether it’s popping up on your board or perfecting a proper roundhouse, it is always doable, no matter the board, age or skill set. The great thing about a hobby like surfing is it is a ‘forever challenge,’ which creates tenacity.

I like to think surfing plays a big role in training me for life’s victories and disappointments.

Like getting caught inside or surfing an aggressive crowd, life’s frustrations tend to appear more than the benefits. But scoring that perfect ride keeps us frothing, coming back for more, despite those closeout sets. Focus on that ride, keep paddling out, no matter how many waves crash in your face.

Schwack Attack

When surfing frustrates me, I focus on one of my most cherished memories: The first time I caught a wave and the smile it brought to my face.

After this past month of ebbs, I am focusing on paddling towards the peak because I deserve my dreams and so does everyone who sets their course for the horizon. My grandma used to say: “Hitch your wagon to a star.”

Case-in-point: Never give up